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why choose ceramic?

Have you ever wondered why smokeware on the market primarily consists of glass? Glass is much cheaper and faster to manufacture than ceramics! 

Faster and cheaper rarely result in providing the best design and experience to consumers! 😕 I choose ceramic for it's higher tensile strength compared to glass, and it's ability to wick the heat of the smoke.

slim pipe + mini

low volume sessions

Inspired by joints and the infinity sign, these pipes are perfect if you have a low tolerance! This is my "spot hit" design, allowing for mindful, stop-and-go sessions. The shallow bowl style ensures fresh inhales from start to finish. These have a small internal protrusion that keeps ash from being sucked through. Control your consumption and conserve herbs by lighting more or less.

pop tab pipe

flexible volume sessions

Inspired by the Golden Ratio, these pipes are perfect if you have a variable tolerance! These hold 2x the volume of the slim and mini. This style is also "spot hit" design intention, and our best seller for versatility. The negative space in the design prevents herb from being sucked through. I like to pack it in the morning and consume through-out the day. 

heart pipes

flexible sessions

Designed for 2 person sessions. Each heart pipe can be matched with another to form a heart! These tend to only roll slightly, and hold slightly less than our Poptab design.

circle pipes

high volume sessions

Perfect if you like to clear the whole bowl in one session! This style is designed to roll, allowing for sessions with fewer ignitions and big puffs. These hold a very generous portion of herbs in a shallow and wide circle. This style is great for sessions where you want to share! I like to unwind with these on the couch.

frong water pipes

high volume sessions

Perfect if you want something to display in your home! This slide style bowl is designed with the same form as our circle hand pipe, allowing for fewer-ignition, big puff sessions. These have a small well in the belly, which prevents the water from unintentionall. I design our molds with 3d printing technology, so we are able to design the built-in down stem to be exactly 14mm, and used with any 3rd party slide. 

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