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🐣 egg hunt 🐣

Helpful Hints:

1. The answer to each riddle will be an address within or around Cincinnati. 

2. The answer to each riddle will be the street address of the mystery location, supplied by Google Maps.

The address will be exactly as it is posted on Google Maps.
(No city, post code, or state!)

Apple Maps will show different abbreviations,
so use Google Maps!

Try it below!
Enter my studio's address
1568 Chase Ave
correctly and incorrectly to see the success message to move on to the next riddle!

Yes! You did it! 🤗

That's not quite right! 🤔 Try again!

3. There is only one answer to each riddle. If you're not a native Cincinnati-an, you will more than likely need to do a little sleuthing on Google. Don't overthink it!

4. The puzzles get progressively harder! Don't give up!
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