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what is this?

That's what I hoped you would say!
This is the first bowl I ever made!



change the product,
change the way we see people

I started making what I needed at the time - a portable smoking solution to manage my rising anxiety and support my mental wellness. All our pieces are designed around mindful sessions that conserve or ignite herbs intentionally, to enhance the experience of the session. I locally design, prototype, and small batch manufacture our ceramic goods.

I purposefully design our products with ambiguous forms to that of traditional smoke ware, because I truly believe that starting cannabis conversations with curiosity is the best way to de-stigmatize the harmful stereotypes of plant-based medicines.   


can't stop,
won't stop!

Since launching my first two designs in 2019 - the circle and the slim - I am continually motivated to push the boundaries of what it means to be 'modern smoke ware' and to offer products that better serve the needs of cannabis patients and consumers.

It is a dream to be able to utilize my artistry and design craft to serve not only my local community, but the global community of plant-based medicine users.

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