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DIY Frong + 14 mm Slide Kit

DIY Frong + 14 mm Slide Kit


Looking for a fun activity to do? These kits have everything you need to get your creativity on and create a one of a kind functional artwork!


Once you're finished your artwork, re-pack it in the included box with a pre-applied return label, and drop it off at the post! We will apply a clear glaze over your work to protect it forever before we ship it back!


Kit Contents:


* 1 x Bisque Frong Bong 

* 1 x Bisque 14mm Slide

* 5 x 1 oz Underglaze Samples (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White)

* 1 x Small Chisel Paintbrush

* 1 x Medium Chisel Paintbrush

* 1 x Small Round Paintbrush

* 1 x Medium Round Paintbrush

* 1 x Sponge 

* 1 x White graphite transfer paper

* 1 x Black graphite transfer paper

* Shipping labels for return glaze firing

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